1 . The basic value concept of Cryptocurrency is limited supply and high demand.

2 . Like the first cryptocurrency ever, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that will also generally have a limited supply and high demand. Those in favor of limited supplies, as seen in Bitcoin, say that this creates digital scarcity.

3 . Lower supply can mean higher demand, thereby increasing prices.

4 . Since 2017 the ICO coins came flooded the crypto world, with the high expectation.

5 . However, not all of them run with the expectation. Most of the coins failed in the market.

6 . The community of the failed project decrease, so does the price of the coin, because the supply remains and demand decreases.

7 . From that case, we conclude that the key to maintain sustainable value of the coin is by reducing the supply and increasing the community.

8 . Inspired by SELF-DESTRUCTING TOKEN #BOMBTOKEN, which supply decrease in every transaction.

9 . We enhance the concept, so that the increase prediction of #GOLDENTOKEN will be sustainable.

10 . Community will increase and supply will decrease.


Burning %
1% (MIN = 1)
1% (MIN = 0.000000001)
If Send 2 Token
Will Get 1 BOMB
Will Get 1.8 GOLD

11 . The SELF-DESTRUCTING TOKEN concept will work if token transfer from wallet to wallet takes a place.

12 . For example, Wallet A transfers 1000 Tokens to Wallet B. Wallet B will receive 990 Token and 10 Token will be burnt.

13 . BOMB Token does not use decimal, means that the minimum burn is 1. If you transfer lower that 100 Token, the fee is 1 BOMB instead of 1%.

14 . E.g. If you transfer 10 BOMB, you will receive 9 BOMB (You receive 90% and the fee is 10%).

15 . BOMB Token concept will run out the token and the price will increase in light speed.

16 . However, there will be a time when the fee become too costly.

17 . E.g. If the price reached 1000 USD, meanwhile you need to transfer only 1 BOMB, it become impossible to conduct.

18 . It is conclude that the SELF-DESTRUCTING of BOMB Token will not work when the price increase and reach a certain point.

19 . GOLDENTOKEN comes to solve the problem.

20 . Whichever GOLDENTOKEN that you transfer, you will receive 99%, and 1% will be burnt.

21 . No matter the GOLD price increase, the SELF-DESTRUCTING will always work.

22 . Transferring process will not be affected by the fee and SELF-DESTRUCTING will always work.